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вЂ"вЂ" ourWorld Gem Codes вЂ"вЂ". and . . . . . . This page is dedicated to OurWorld gem codes. . This is a website where OurWorld gem codes will be placed. E281-328D . Newer New Gem Codes for Ourworld. . December 26, 2009 @ 8:55 pm i know the new gem code……. November Stuff/Clothing: There is a new wizard box! I am going to show you one of the things that you might get later on this post!My name is ladyman1, and does anyone kow a gem code for 300 gems, i do, there is a new glitch. . Check me out on ourworld September 12, 2009 9:47 AMFacebook (* NEW *): 0 8 C 3-3 D 9 D-D 8 6 A-9 1 C 0 Monthly: E D F D-5 0 E C-7 0 2 6-8 4 B 9. вЂ"вЂ" ourWorld Gem Codes вЂ"вЂ"Click HERE if you’re unsure how to get the gem codes to . . :)her is a gem code it gives you 10 gems look for my at ourworld OUEENLINSIE 3621255cd0c26cb1 . hey, could u please put new gem codes faster? do not wait till week ends… ur codes is . Here i will show you HOW to put the code in and . . . You could do some of the new surveys they have now, and get . November Gem Code: FD28-CD4C-6690-3C8A Use the gem code before the end of the month!Hamster moved to the new site. . . . you may also discuss Things about the . Anonymous said. . You can purchase the codes from Target or your local store. . . . . I’ll also post the oW gem codes on it , Prooomiise (: , So its alot quicker than going to . Don’t have the . the new ourworld gem code is EF46-2513-87A0-9D89 it works also add me as a friend jon van dam October 18, 2009 3:33 AMWelcome to a Facebook Page about Ourworld gem codes and cheats!! Join Facebook to start connecting with Ourworld gem codes and cheats!!This weeks toolbar: D709-03A5-F185-8907 This weeks Facebook: D2A2 . nikki000 added a new photo . Brand new Wizard Mystery Box 2010! See all the items . . Vollyholly wrote 3 weeks ago: I didn’t realize that yesterday was the 24th and that the toolbar code expired on the 25th. . Oh and I got a new skateboard … And guitar … And … My fringe grew back …. nikki000 uploaded a new profile photo. . Also, you could buy Ourworld codes that get you gems. . . OK last week i was putting in my gem code from the toolbar and\after i inputed it the code it said You need to have the ourworld toolbar directly to use thiis code. . . 4 Days Ago. .

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